Fresh Tracks

Teams that play together work together.

Fresh Tracks have been delivering innovative people development programmes and events since the early 1990s to large corporations, SMEs, local government and not-for-profit organisations. Through the leadership of their founder Dan Collins, Fresh Tracks provides a winning combination of intellectual stimulation and fun engagement, living out an ethos of ‘Teams that Play Together, Work Together’

Fresh Tracks approached us to design a series of toilet media to be used in strategic sites across the U.K.
The posters are designed to highlight the range of team-building events that they offer and the importance of allowing your employees to express themselves through play.

Creative design

Posters designed to reflect activities that inspire, motivate and challenge.

Eye catching

Vibrant colours and depth designed to draw attention to the content.

Engage with toilet posters

On average we spend 15 Minutes on the toilet each day

Spend over 2 minutes reading toilet media

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”

– Plato