palm oil:

  1. oil from the fruit of certain palms, especially the West African oil palm.

In the UK there is a big push to win the award for most talked about Christmas advert. This year there is no doubt that this is going to Iceland for their tear jerking story of a baby orangutan and it’s interactions with a little girl.

This advert was banned for being “too political”. Part of me is having a hard time wondering why? Iceland was the first major UK supermarket to do away with palm oil in all of their product lines completely. This was a highly publicised and talked about event and was considered a win for the environment. This advert is a carryover of Iceland’s commitment to use it’s powers of influence as a home brand to make the world a better place.

This advert hits home for my recent decisions to stop using palm oil in my home for the very reason Iceland is. This is a fantastic work of design and direction that tugs the heart strings and drives home how important it is that we as consumers really need to take a pragmatic look at our consumption habits. Have a watch, and share the video if it connects with you. Below is a few more resources and facts about palm oil and why you should be concerned.

The advert:

While this is a clever and perfectly designed advert to make the viewer have an emotional reaction, do a bit more digging yourself and become an informed consumer. The advert was produced in a partnership between Greenpeace and Iceland.

Some more information:

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