At Proud Brands we like to keep our Creativity levels topped up and coffee is normally our fuel of choice.

Recently we stumbled across a company that want to show the coffee community and the world that a positive commercial environment can be created behind bars and that exceptional specialty coffee can come from places and people you wouldn’t expect.

Redemption Roasters are specialty roastery and wholesaler who believe that we can reduce reoffending in the UK through coffee.

A project set-up in the heart of Aylesbury Prison Redemption Roasters train young offenders in barista and roasting skills and roast incredible coffee for our wholesale clients.

The UK’s re-offending rates are amongst the highest in the Western World, and it’s costly on both a national and personal level. 46% of prisoners in England and Wales go on to commit another crime within one year of being released. Reoffending costs the Treasury an estimated £4.5 billion every year (£131,000 for every re-offender). Only 36% of prisoners manage to find work within two years of being released. If prisoners do find employment, they are 50% less likely to return to prison.

Over the next few years Redemption Roasters hope to:

  • Take as many offenders through thier program as possible
  • Find jobs for our apprentices upon their release and see them continue their lives without slipping back into crime
  • Open more roasteries at more prisons
  • Open a chain of specialty coffee shops staffed by a high percentage of ex-offenders.


A project like this are a great example of how we can look to reintegrate and re-educate people away from a life of crime and back into society.

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“I wake up and I’m so excited to get to work. I’ve never had a job before; I’ve never felt that before. And I get here and I forget I’m in prison the whole time. The feeling in here is what on road [out of prison] must feel like when you’re not from bad ends.”